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Study Hall

Study Hall: Kentucky 66, Mizzou 58

Missouri made it pretty respectable when Jeremiah Tilmon was playing. The rest of the game not so much.

Study Hall: Ole Miss 75, Mizzou 65

Missouri again caught the turnover bug and sunk their chances to sneak a road win at Ole Miss.

Study Hall: Mizzou 79, Arkansas 78

Missouri needed every ounce provided by Jeremiah Tilmon’s return to the lineup.

Study Hall: Texas A&M 68, Mizzou 59

For 63 minutes against A&M this season the Tigers were dominant. For the final 17 on Saturday night, they were dominated.

Study Hall: Tennessee 72, Missouri 60

On the road against the top-ranked team in the land, Missouri did enough to stay within striking distance, but it didn’t have the offensive firepower to threaten the Volunteers.

Study Hall: Mizzou 77, Vanderbilt 67

It’s nice to get back in the win column, and they did it by feeding Jeremiah Tilmon who has learned to stay on the court.

Study Hall: Auburn 92, Mizzou 58

The positivity train took a bit of a hit last night as Auburn drained three after three.

Study Hall: LSU 86, Mizzou 80 (OT)

When you realize Mizzou was really excellent on defense and mostly below average on offense...

Study Hall: Arkansas 72, Mizzou 60

Turnovers are the word of the day, kids.

Study Hall: Mizzou 66, Texas A&M 43

Defense travels, and Martin and the Tigers brought their defense to College Station to capture a much needed win.

Study Hall: Alabama 70, Mizzou 60

Alabama’s defense showed up and that was bad news for the Tigers.

Study Hall: South Carolina 85, Mizzou 75

The signs might point to Mizzou meeting South Carolina at the worst possible time, and even without Jeremiah Tilmon they nearly pulled off the comeback.

Study Hall: Tennessee 87, Missouri 63

On Tuesday, the No. 3 Volunteers dispensed a little dose of reality at Mizzou Arena.

Study Hall: Mizzou 75, Morehead State 61

Mizzou got what they needed from three guys, and not so much from the rest of the roster.

Study Hall: Mizzou 79, Illinois 63

Man that felt good.

Study Hall: Mizzou 71, Xavier 56

On the back of Jeremiah Tilmon, the Tigers slapped around a pretty good team.

Study Hall: After 9 games Mizzou is starting to form their identity

At 6-3, the Tigers are starting to figure themselves out which bodes well for the last stretch of non-conference action.

Study Hall: Mizzou 80, Oral Roberts 64

Mizzou walked away from the Golden Eagles with a big second half run.

Study Hall: Mizzou 65, UT-Arlington 45

It wasn’t perfect, but the Tigers needed a game like this one.

Study Hall: Mizzou 64, UCF 62

When Jeremiah Tilmon was in the game everything changed for the Tigers.

Study Hall: Temple 79, Missouri 77

The Tigers did everything but value the ball against the Owls, and it cost them.

Study Hall: Kansas State 82, Mizzou 67

The Tigers couldn’t slow the Wildcats hot shooting.

Study Hall: Mizzou 69, Oregon State 63

If you look at the stats it’s not really clear how Missouri won, but the will was there.

Study Hall: Mizzou 55, Kennesaw State 52


Study Hall: Iowa State 76, Mizzou 59

To say Missouri struggled to hold onto the ball would be a slight understatement.

Study Hall: Mizzou 68, Central Arkansas 55

Our first glimpse at the new look Tigers previewed what is likely to be a season long slog on offense.

Who do Tilmon, Jontay, and others compare to in Mizzou’s history?

It makes sense, I promise.

Jordan Barnett might have been Mizzou’s most statistically important player

Also: Reed Nikko was a nearly perfect high-floor complement for when the high-ceilinged Jeremiah Tilmon just didn’t have it.

What happens when the shooters leave?

The Tigers’ shooting (and their ability to prevent you from taking good shots) offset massive ball-handling woes. What happens when the 3-point shooters leave?

Study Hall: Florida State 67, Missouri 54

What ifs, if/thens, and Mizzou’s final game of 2017-18.

เกมส์ยิงปลาW88Study Hall: Georgia 62, Mizzou 60

Freshmen good. Seniors bad. Thank goodness this wasn’t the final game of the season.

Study Hall: Mizzou 77, Arkansas 67

When Good Jontay shows up, Missouri is almost impossible to beat. We’ve said that a lot this season, and he keeps proving it right.

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